Wednesday, September 28, 2011


The end of July I had the super honor of attending the Yel Out. (What the hair is that?) Well you might not know that I was part of only the best youth program in the existence of the United States of America. From 2003 to mid 2007 I was a high school intern at Crissy Field Center's Insipiring Young Emerging Leaders (IYEL) program.

Photobucket Every year they have an end-of-the-year presentation summing up their awesome projects the group worked on throughout the year. I remember I used to have so much fun helping put these Yel Out's together and then being super nervous and excited to present.

Anyway this year it was a little more special.. not only was it the tenth anniversary of the Crissy Field Center and a reunion of alumni.. this time we had a special surprise from our friend and mentor Ernesto who proposed to his awesome longtime girlfriend Anna. It was such a happy and magical moment to witness an event like this because it was just.. REAL. Not at all like a movie or witnessing strangers' proposals or those strange proposal youtube videos.

Anyway I am thrilled for the life and adventure to come for this beloved couple. You don't see a love like that everyday. What I mean is that usually relationships don't seem to have a certain spark.. don't last.. are just fun and games.. are plain stupid. But then you see something like this which can inspire and prove that love is true.

Well.. Purple is the official color for Iyel. So in honor of my Iyel Alum spirit I put together a purple outfit and manicure. Don't mind the creepy dorm baño and ripped hot pink shower curtain that obviously was not picked out by anyone else residing at the dorm.
So there wasn't much purple in the actual outfit, you know I didn't want to go overboard and steal the purple spotlight haha! So I wore.. Purple Mossimo long sleeve sweater, Grey checkered J. Crew button up shirt, Grey denim J. Crew skirt, Dark Grey knee high socks that I usually wear underneath my uniform pants.. and since I don't own any purple shoes.. the silver toms had to do.
Now for the nails I had very limited time to create an Iyel themed manicure. For the base I picked a deep purple with a slight pink shimmer, H&M..which will be nameless until I find it again.. and for the letters I used a dot tool and dotted IYEL with Sally Hansen Lightening.. which I don't know why has an 'e'. The manicure was a little messy and the purple stained like crazy but overall I got several compliments including.. something along the lines of "alumni dedication" and "they don't make alumni like they used to" haha
Well time has flied and the group of IYELers I belonged to has gone off to separate chapters and parts of the world in the past several years. So these Yel Outs are a great time to catch up and are sometimes the only time a year we may get to see eachother. So it was nice to see some old familiar faces. I just wish I kept in touch more often and wasn't such a distanced person.. literally!

Next thing to look forward to is AlumNight. Every December or so we have an Alumni get together for  good old teambuilders, bowling, dinner, and even scavenger hunt adventures with "the Go Game." Can't wait!

Who Yel?! I-YEL!

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