Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Sick. Sick. Sick.

Cue in that old Queens of the Stone Age song. haha. Anyway I'm sure that song has another meaning but what I'm going through right now is the typical case of human immune system failing to environmental contracted viruses!
Yes, I am sick. It happens once or twice a year. Otherwise I'm usually bragging about my strange immunity while others that surround me are sick with a cold or whatever quite often.

It started as a tickled throat on Friday night to a full on sore throat and funky voice on Saturday and full on sick after I woke up on Sunday evening after my post-pascual sleep.
Today, Tuesday I am at the srsly full sick mode with the gross cough that repels any living thing, makes those cringe at the store or in class, I've finished a roll of toilet paper to plug up my nose, Robitussin has lost its effect, and I have not the slightest feeling to do anything but be lazy. Oh never mind that last one, I'm always lazy.. ugh!
Anyway I still managed to leave the house to take and pick up the brother from school, sneak in a stop at Sally Beauty for their buy two get one free polishes and their $5.99 Seche Vite top coat sale. I ended up getting Two China Glaze Crackle polishes- the white and grey ones and Orly Dazzle since my only other silver non holo glitter polish (Mac's $$$$$ Yes) has gotten gross despite the little help from Orly's polish saver fluid thing and it's currently no where to be found. Oh well.
I'll try posting more about my polish hobby laters. For I must collapse into bed instead of the floor, couch, kitchen, etc. It freaks my dogs out when that happens.

Pascua. Easter.

Easter is an exciting time. My family doesn't care about the fluffy stuff associated with Easter such as egg hunts, bunnies and sugar loaded candies. Those are all a thing of the past. Of course those were supre awesome back when I was like under ten years old. Though I must say, I bought a box of Peeps pink marshmallows as soon as they hit stores in like February, but I only managed to eat one before my brother had finished the entire box and his own blue box.

Anyway, Easter for me is what most people have forgotten about. The ressurection of Jesus Christ. So Holy Week is spent at many church activities all leading to the main event. On Saturday night before Easter Sunday, we have an Easter vigil. Every year we make the vigil all night from around 11pm or midnight until about 7am on Easter Sunday. It is a very exciting celebration.
Photobucket Photobucket
My favorite part is the very beginning where the vigil starts with the lights out and the blessing of the Paschal Candle. Everyone is given a small candle and the fire is spread throughout the entire church beginning with the main Paschal Candle. It's awesome to see how the light spreads and just the glow of everyones candles is magical.
Photobucket Photobucket
I also like that during the vigil there are usually an average of 5 baptisms. It's exciting to see the many babies, kids and sometimes adults be baptized, also kids make their first communion and sometimes some adults receive their confirmation. I did all those outside of an Easter Vigil but it would have been more special to have received those sacraments during an Easter vigil.
Anyway it was a long night but for me it sure didn't feel that way. I didn't even come close to falling asleep nor did I feel hungry. I was happy and attentive thoughout the night. My brother is usually the one falling asleep everywhere: in the car, in church, in the shower, on buses, etc. So I had joked earlier Saturday night that he should take one of those 5 hour energy bottles, and funny enough, at the first head nod he gave during the vigil, my mom pulled out of her pocket none other than a bottle of 5 hour energy!  My brother only drank some of it and luckily it was enough to keep him from falling asleep.
Photobucket Photobucket
Once the vigil ended around 7am, everyone was filled with joy and ready to head out for an early morning 'dinner'. Mayra and I took a picture together as we have celebrated Easter Vigils together for the past eight years. This time she was lucky that her boyfriend was able to experience the vigil as well.
After church we went to a nearby restaurant with other church members. I had a plate with grilled shrimp, fries, salad and rice. I don't know if I've mentioned here before, but I have given up rice from my diet and replaced it with the ever so amazing quinoa, but that morning was an exception. Besides I was finally hungry and the restaurant probably hadn't heard of quinoa.  
Well finally after a long night of celebration and an early dinner, my family made the road trip back home and could not wait until we hit the beds for our annual post-pascual sleep. My family fell asleep in the car but I was the lucky driver listening to the choir of snores along the way. Once we got home I was able to snap a picture of my happy mama before she went to bed and self timed a picture of my self in my backyard.
That's my tradition of Pascua. How did you spend your Easter?

Dress hunting for Easter

So as I previously said.. Easter is one of two special occasions in which my family really invests in buying new clothes, the other is Christmas. Of course we still buy stuff the rest of the year but mostly we thrift for outfits or only buy new if it is absolutely necessary.. and cheap! So this year, the Easter dress hunting came around once again. Every Easter is a very special celebration which calls for fancier than already nice churchy clothes.. but more on church later.

So on Thursday I bought my brother his new suit. Then after being almost broke on Friday, I swooped by Buffalo Exchange just to browse their dresses even though I knew I wanted to buy a new dress. Anyway all their church safe outfits were size not me, but they had a nice collection of casual and summer dresses. Maybe some were my size.. but whatever. Anyway I found this dress which screams springtime, that is if you want to go frolic in a prairie with the bunnies.

I left right after trying it on and feeling embarrassed in front of myself. So.. Saturday my whole family went to Vacaville to shop for the pascual clothes. We went to Ross first, even though I didn't want to go since most of their dresses are not my style and the chance that someone else at church will wear the same dress is extremely high. Anyway I had fun trying one some dresses.

My mom really liked how this ruffley one looked and slimmed me but I wasn't too fond of the ruffles, so it stayed awaiting another owner.

I liked this Jones New York coral spring dress especially for its sleeves. Most dresses don't have those nowadays. But this dress was a strange wrap around thingy and the color wasn't what I had in mind for Easter.

This lavender dress is also Jones New York and very similar to the coral one, minus the wrapping around and sleeves. I actually bought this one since I liked the color, it was cheap, and again my mom insisted I get it. Maybe I can add sleeves later and pin the v neck a bit higher.

Now this was a joke. I loved the skirt by itself but it was just too long and super high waisted, like beyond the waist and it came as a 2 piece set with the blazer which I guess would be alright with a pair of jeans to tone it down.. BUT I quit jeans remember?

Oh yeah and I was a total fashion repeater and wore the same outfit I wore for Thursday, on Saturday haha. Anyway we moved on to Marshalls since I always see their weird commercials and all after Wheel of Fortune or whatever and what do you know? As I walked in, my mom was standing next to this dress and smiling at me knowing I would love it. & of course I loved it and the hunt was over. Pretty quick too. I didn't even have to make my way to the outlets or the stupid mall!

This Evan Picone dress was just what I really wanted for an Easter dress! I wanted a boat neck type dress or something at least with no low cut chest area. I wanted a dress that didn't have straps or at least one with straps larger than an inch. I wanted a floral design without it being too woah hey there I'm a crazy overgrown garden or prairie like just like the first dress. I wanted a full skirt. I wanted a slimming waist. So after all of these picky dress ideas I can't believe I actually found a dress. Oh yeah and it was way below $100.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost Easter!

Well my muffins, I've done it again haven't I? Abandoned my imaginary audience ha-ha anyway I'm excited that it's almost Easter which means a lot of church, dresses and food.

Well I don't know if I've mentioned before but the only new years resolution that I've kept to this year is the absence of jeans and the attempts of dressing better. So far I've managed to wear skirts and non jeans pants apart from my work uniform (which aren't jeans anyway.) The only exception I've made is my black pair of Levis skinny which are a last resort for an outfit.

Today I wore a new Calvin Klein dress I just bought at goodwill new with tags. I felt all grown up as I shopped around San Francisco with my brother. He's lucky to have an awesome sister like me to spend money on him ha-ha. I bought him a new suit at Express, check it out.

We also finally ate at Coriander down at the westfield food court which was really good. My brother had the biggest cooked shrimp I have ever seen! I had the sweet lime fish which was of course delicious.

Anyways, every Easter is very special and calls for new dresses. unfortunately I always wait til the last minute to find one and then settle for the best cheapest one. This year is no different. I wanted to buy the Garden Isle dress from Shabby Apple's South Pacific collection but the pay check situation was worrying me especially since I had been threatened with government shut downs ha-ha so until now the hunt will go on for my Easter dress... and shoes! It's funny that my family only buys new clothes for Christmas and Easter. The rest of the year is thrifted.

Well now, more later.. must do some more dress hunting online so I can shop quicker at the stores tomorrow.

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

I've become about android?!

Hello invisible audience! I've been gone from the blogging world yet again... anyway.. fun news though, I got a fancy new phone yesterday. It was my brother's birthday and all he wanted was a new teléfono so we all walked out of the store with fancy cellulars. So now that I've got my cool HTC inspire thingy (which I'm using now.. duh) I'll hopefully blog some more. So here's a random picture of some eat time yesterday.

Google Translator Gadget

Centsational Girl

Centsational Girl

Better After


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