Thursday, April 21, 2011

Almost Easter!

Well my muffins, I've done it again haven't I? Abandoned my imaginary audience ha-ha anyway I'm excited that it's almost Easter which means a lot of church, dresses and food.

Well I don't know if I've mentioned before but the only new years resolution that I've kept to this year is the absence of jeans and the attempts of dressing better. So far I've managed to wear skirts and non jeans pants apart from my work uniform (which aren't jeans anyway.) The only exception I've made is my black pair of Levis skinny which are a last resort for an outfit.

Today I wore a new Calvin Klein dress I just bought at goodwill new with tags. I felt all grown up as I shopped around San Francisco with my brother. He's lucky to have an awesome sister like me to spend money on him ha-ha. I bought him a new suit at Express, check it out.

We also finally ate at Coriander down at the westfield food court which was really good. My brother had the biggest cooked shrimp I have ever seen! I had the sweet lime fish which was of course delicious.

Anyways, every Easter is very special and calls for new dresses. unfortunately I always wait til the last minute to find one and then settle for the best cheapest one. This year is no different. I wanted to buy the Garden Isle dress from Shabby Apple's South Pacific collection but the pay check situation was worrying me especially since I had been threatened with government shut downs ha-ha so until now the hunt will go on for my Easter dress... and shoes! It's funny that my family only buys new clothes for Christmas and Easter. The rest of the year is thrifted.

Well now, more later.. must do some more dress hunting online so I can shop quicker at the stores tomorrow.

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