Friday, December 24, 2010

Happy Christmas Eve!

I wish everyone a beautiful Christmas! but enough on that.. let's gaze at my beautiful Christmas tree my Dad and I decorated. Disco balls and even pink ribbon bows made it on there this year!






Feliz Navidad!

Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Sweet Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving started with an evening shopping with the bro. I had promised to buy him a peacoat like two Christmases ago so it was super past due haha. So we went on Wednesday to the Vacaville Outlets and finally found the longly wanted peacoat at Gap and Old Navy and discounted too. He was terribly excited! Not for my picture request though..

I also got him other stuffs. We ended the night being jolly and fat by enjoying delicious ice cream at Fentons and quenching the post ice cream thirst at Five Guys plus the cajun fries. Heres the pretty cardi I got him at Nautica also.
So to get ready for the real Thanksgivingness I had to paint my nails an appropriate color. Always a tough decision. Anyway this is my right hand with my Thanksgiving inspired colors.

By the time I got to my left hand I was out of Thanksgiving mani creativity so I couldn't resist looking at my new China Glaze Party Hearty box any longer. So I went for a Christmas themed left hand. Only that this picture was taken on Friday haha.. 
I decided to try a new hairstyle inspired by Busy Bee Lauren's hair tutorial. but my layer goofy hair was a bit crazy with the pins. 
Anyway don't use these bags.. the one we used exploded mid turkey cooking.. it was a saucy & smokey mess. 
Mami and I cooked all day pretty much. & my Dad tried distracting us once he got home from work.
I made my first pie! Apple pie from this very vague recipe in some latin desserts cookbook but I survived. 
Oh and we have this random Weight Watchers cookbook and we decided this looked yummy & went for it. It was delicious!
Here's my freshly baked pie! 
Dinnahhh is sehhved!
We say Dad semi burnt the top of the turkey.. as he usually burns things often nowadays.. todo lo deja carbonizado.
I couldn't stop staring at my festive nails. Oh & thanks Mami for the pretty thrifted ring. 
It has always been a tradition to have a camera on a tripod watching us eat during the holidays. My dad always set up the video camera but not this year. I bet we have tons of tapes with us laughing, crying and of course eating. 
but this year the self timer on my camera had the honor. Oh by the way we had real champagne this year! Even the brospice! Gasp! Of course we all had like two glasses of Martinelli's afterward. 
Aren't you jealous of my pie? hmm? mmm!
Well I hope your Thanksgiving was just as lovely as ours.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Olive Gahhden.

So my dad's cumpleaños was last week. Unfortunately we all had work and we all definitely did not go to HP7 as planned either because of the afore mentioned. So during the weekend we had our little celebration.

First we headed out to Alameda to the USS Hornet to tour around and be totally late to the Naval Academy seminar haha.. but we got to tour around freespice anyway.

My brother wants to be a Navy Sailor one day.
If he becomes a pilot I'm sure they'll have fancier planes... sans teeth.
So when there's family.. there's food. Duh. So our old favy family restaurant was Olive Garden. because when you're here, you're family! I'm sick of their commercials..
So like after over a year or so of not attending to our family restaurant of delicious evilish yums we caved in and celebrated Dad's 50th. with baby desserts of course. Gotta watch our figures. ha.
Anyway it was yet another lovely Sunday with the familia I oh so berry much love. Oh by the way did I mention we have puppies?

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Team Hillywood

I love anything Twilight.. but I especially love Hillywood's parodies!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Banana Pancakes

I Love home made lazy Sunday breakfasts. This Sunday we made whole wheat banana pancakes with eggs, chicken sausages and hash browns.
 And apparently I was served on the table as well..
 Mom couldn't wait to finally eat it..
 The brother was very pleased with brekkie & for fixing his stupid bullet thingy from halloween..
I helped the mama make the yummy pancakes..
 They were perfect.
 They didn't last long on the plate.. btw my heart belongs to Edward.
 Dad loves to pile on the sugar.. tsk tsk.. oh well it said no high fructose corn syrup.. no difference haha.
My stomach is growling now..

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

I was on the news today.. Woah

So I dropped my brother at school this morning and was shocked to hear that his teacher had sex with a student. CBS 5 interviewed me & got a pretty cool quote haha. I knew they'd cut me short but I'm in love with my last word. Just watch.

Sickening what kids are getting instead of an education these days.

On a lighter note, like my shiny interview nails? haha It's Orly's Luxe that I picked up at Sally. I took this picture on Saturday when I was in my govt truck. I couldn't stop staring at it. 

Voting & Giants Parade

So last week I did what all good citizens should do. I voted. I was two hours late to work but whatever. What's more important? Putting in your vote or being on time to work to make coffee and open up a visitor center who won't have visitors until you get there two hours later anyway.. yeah. So I wore my fancy sticker all day & it was cool. 
Next day.. Since the Giants won the World Series, the brother and I joined the 1.5 million people who showed up to the celebratory parade in SF. Didn't take my brother to school & stole him to SF, our beloved hometown which we rarely have time to enjoy. So we had fun riding the stupid Muni bus towards Civic Center, ate cheap brekkie at Burger King while I painted my nails a bright Giants orange. 
I look creepy here.. something was wrong with my makeup and hair that day.. I look strange. 
See? totally creepster. By the way.. that iced mocha was very delicious.  
Sadly we made the mistake of going to Civic Center behind City Hall to stand squeezed between a million people when we should have gone straight to Market St to actually get a glimpse of the parade. So that is the view I would have had if I was three feet taller.. I raised my camera as high as I could. It was so hot and crowded.. but we were there anyway happy to show our spirit to the world. 
Anyway the brother and I had a long Giants filled day.. we have yet to watch the parade from the dvr recording... Oh well. GO GIANTS! 

Saturday, November 6, 2010

Halloween 2010

So Halloween was short and sweet.. Just spent it with the familia. We went to church, ate at ihop, shopped at costco then went home to give our eight trick or treaters some candy and then drove up to Woodland to get lost! ... in a Corn Maze! It was pretty fun walking in the darkness trapped in a field of corn while a creepster man with a chainsaw jumped out at you. Awesome.
 Of course we got lost.. but my brother the cowboy/indiana jones man led the way.
So my costume? My inner Twilight geek.. okay maybe it's not so inner but anyway.. I thought it would be fun to dress up as Team Edward. So I got a cheerleading outfit in navy and silver.. seemed like appropriate Edward colors.. and got some Team Edward felt letters from Michaels.. sprayed myself in body glitter which stuck everywhere but my body and I even got Twilight contacts.. which kinda sicked because my already brown eyes didn't make a difference. Oh & I fell in love with these Silver holo TOMS shoes.. which of course had to be replaced by the very much hated crocs for the corn maze.. btw I love crocs.
Notice my surprisingly tan legs show no sign of glitter!?  
Oh and we ate at Sonic Drive in which we have always loved but ever since we started our healthful diet.. some priorly loved foods are no longer accepted in the tummy.. so sadly we all got tummyaches.. Oh notice my mama has my pink wig from last year? She was inspired to wear it with a pink jelly fish stuffed animal thingy I have.  
So here's my eyes with UNnoticable contacts.. Oh well. I really want to wear this costume again but get it right.. only thing is.. where?!

Hope you Halloween was as fun as mine!

EDIT: Here's my halloween spirit from my dorm door.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

San Francisco Giants head to the World Series!

Being a San Francisco native, obviously I am a GIANTS fan. I must admit I was a bad fan and disconnected for the past forever and a half - but of course I have been disconnected from basically everyone.. I have like one friend and have no life anymore haha! Anyway I put my love for nail polish and love for the Giants to root for tonight's game, so check it out!

I was up until pretty late trying to keep my hand steady while uncramping the other haha Notice this is my left hand.. I'm left handed.. so this design is from my close to dead/almost useless right hand! Yay me! and

Yay Giants! Can't wait for the World Series GIANTS TORTURE!

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