Sunday, November 28, 2010

A Sweet Thanksgiving

My Thanksgiving started with an evening shopping with the bro. I had promised to buy him a peacoat like two Christmases ago so it was super past due haha. So we went on Wednesday to the Vacaville Outlets and finally found the longly wanted peacoat at Gap and Old Navy and discounted too. He was terribly excited! Not for my picture request though..

I also got him other stuffs. We ended the night being jolly and fat by enjoying delicious ice cream at Fentons and quenching the post ice cream thirst at Five Guys plus the cajun fries. Heres the pretty cardi I got him at Nautica also.
So to get ready for the real Thanksgivingness I had to paint my nails an appropriate color. Always a tough decision. Anyway this is my right hand with my Thanksgiving inspired colors.

By the time I got to my left hand I was out of Thanksgiving mani creativity so I couldn't resist looking at my new China Glaze Party Hearty box any longer. So I went for a Christmas themed left hand. Only that this picture was taken on Friday haha.. 
I decided to try a new hairstyle inspired by Busy Bee Lauren's hair tutorial. but my layer goofy hair was a bit crazy with the pins. 
Anyway don't use these bags.. the one we used exploded mid turkey cooking.. it was a saucy & smokey mess. 
Mami and I cooked all day pretty much. & my Dad tried distracting us once he got home from work.
I made my first pie! Apple pie from this very vague recipe in some latin desserts cookbook but I survived. 
Oh and we have this random Weight Watchers cookbook and we decided this looked yummy & went for it. It was delicious!
Here's my freshly baked pie! 
Dinnahhh is sehhved!
We say Dad semi burnt the top of the turkey.. as he usually burns things often nowadays.. todo lo deja carbonizado.
I couldn't stop staring at my festive nails. Oh & thanks Mami for the pretty thrifted ring. 
It has always been a tradition to have a camera on a tripod watching us eat during the holidays. My dad always set up the video camera but not this year. I bet we have tons of tapes with us laughing, crying and of course eating. 
but this year the self timer on my camera had the honor. Oh by the way we had real champagne this year! Even the brospice! Gasp! Of course we all had like two glasses of Martinelli's afterward. 
Aren't you jealous of my pie? hmm? mmm!
Well I hope your Thanksgiving was just as lovely as ours.

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esppim said...

Neat-o burrito! I like your nails! I didn't do anything quite as fancy, but I did wear dangly lady earrings, like one of those ladies who wears dangly earrings! I was very jingly, also, but that's another story...
Oohh, can I post pictures on this comments thing?? I wanna show you my jingle jangleness and also post a very retouched picture of MY pie! Did you get the pie picture I texted you? Lately, since I've gotten my new phone, it keeps sending me back messgs that say something like, "the person you last sent that stupid mssg to probably won't get it 'cuz their service provider has size restrictions and that was way too big." And it told me that after I sent you my pie and something else, I forgot. So anyway, yeah, you looked real fancy! When I get back we should find an excuse to be fancy so I can show you my bojangling dingle-roos. (That means earrings).

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