Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Voting & Giants Parade

So last week I did what all good citizens should do. I voted. I was two hours late to work but whatever. What's more important? Putting in your vote or being on time to work to make coffee and open up a visitor center who won't have visitors until you get there two hours later anyway.. yeah. So I wore my fancy sticker all day & it was cool. 
Next day.. Since the Giants won the World Series, the brother and I joined the 1.5 million people who showed up to the celebratory parade in SF. Didn't take my brother to school & stole him to SF, our beloved hometown which we rarely have time to enjoy. So we had fun riding the stupid Muni bus towards Civic Center, ate cheap brekkie at Burger King while I painted my nails a bright Giants orange. 
I look creepy here.. something was wrong with my makeup and hair that day.. I look strange. 
See? totally creepster. By the way.. that iced mocha was very delicious.  
Sadly we made the mistake of going to Civic Center behind City Hall to stand squeezed between a million people when we should have gone straight to Market St to actually get a glimpse of the parade. So that is the view I would have had if I was three feet taller.. I raised my camera as high as I could. It was so hot and crowded.. but we were there anyway happy to show our spirit to the world. 
Anyway the brother and I had a long Giants filled day.. we have yet to watch the parade from the dvr recording... Oh well. GO GIANTS! 

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