Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bubble Gum Dum Dums

So I've fallen into the world of Polyvore. Since I've been following FFM's beautiful creations i figured I can have a little fun too. :) Here's my most recent set I've put together. Esperanza and I visited the J. Crew at Westfield SF Centre on Friday and she loved the foil cardigan. She didn't buy it.. yet, I think haha but we both came upon the question, what would she wear with it?.. so here is one of my ideas.

Haley Foil Cardigan by mjMuffin

Not so bad I think and I can actually see her wearing this haha. Anyway if she does get it now she has one idea. I ended up buying the metallic tidepool foil belt for like 5 bucks after all my discounts and also a white sherpa lined puffer vest in white that I totally love. So much actually that it's my second, I bought it in Bright Rhubarb last week. haha Oh and I got my pair of matchstick cords in bright rhubarb too on thursday which I wore immediately. I felt so bright and highlighted haha! People were hella staring at me with a whahhh? face. Whatever.

This past week at work has been really different... No Laura :( and we have two new interns Georgia and Emily so theres more faces and more changes happening all the time. Oh and the dorms have been fun too. Some of us had a funny night on wednesday messing around with esperanza's piano and sitting next to our totally adorable christmas tree. I cant believe that there's only like eleven days til christmas.. yay!

So I've been well behaved with my Circus Animal Cookies. I've had only one bag so far. I cant go eating them uncontrollably! But they're still great. Esp and I bought circus animal cookie cutters at williams-sonoma and we found a recipe online so we're planning on making another disaster in the kitchen haha. Oh I went to Costco today and bought The Dark Knight I never saw it. So today I officially did and it was pretty strange. I didnt get most of it. Not to mention I dont recall the last batman movie.. somehow I always fall asleep thru it.. even when I saw it in theatres!! Oh well me and batman aren't meant for eachother. I've always loved Spiderman.

As for this post's sweet treat, I chose Dum Dums Bubble Gum flavor. I've put a little basket full of Dum Dum Lollipops at the front desk in the Visitor Center and somehow I always eat Bubble Gum or Cotton Candy Flavors only.. oh well. Anyways.. time for bed!

<3 mj

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Circus Animal Cookies ♥

So after 55 long days since Mother's Cookies shut down, I had almost lost hope of finding my beloved pink and white Circus Animal Cookies. I went to my local Grocery Outlet and with pure excitement I finally found them! I bought fourteen bags and as I checked my phone to immediately text Esperanza of my incredible find, I read that she had just bought 22 bags of them at the Oakland Grocery Outlet! What a big day! I am so happy. I will definitely go back later for some more, if they still have some. 

<3 mj

Friday, November 28, 2008

Godiva Dark Chocolate Mocha.

Happy Black Friday. As many people go shop crazy on this fine day, I am at work watching the fog roll in. Last year I was running around like crazy trying to fold clothes at Abercrombie & Fitch. They called and asked if I wanted to go back and work for them. I didn't call back. haha

Oh yeah! Happy Thanksgiving! Hope it was a great one for everyone. It was just any day for me. My dad had to work so my family couldn't have a complete thanksgiving. We had salmon. One less turkey for the world. haha. But I did spend like an hour working out with my oh so powerful and effective Bender Ball. It actually has me sore. My obliques and whatevers worked out. So I'll be getting some nice clothes to show off for the upcoming holidays.

So last Friday.. Esperanza and I didnt make it to the Lighting Event thingy at Embarcadero but we headed downtown for some shopping instead. I finally got my lovely and cuddly cashmere sweater in a light aquamarine-ish color. Oh yeah and funky argyle socks haha! So then after shoptime we headed for Oakland's Paramount theatre and saw the totally amazing Singin in the Rain. I absolutely loved it. The whole thing was great. The historic theatre, the dec-o-win game, the funny organ playing, the classic movie and the energetic audience. How fun. Now the song has been in our heads ever since! After the movie we got some delicious pizza. yum.

On Monday I enjoyed watching the weekly dose of Chuck and the usual wheel of fortune with Laura. Then I had to drive to the city to pick up my dad at work late night so before I got there Mike had called me so I dropped by for a quick chill. We went to Chico's for a little while but I really wasn't in the mood for pizza again. Plus with more to come.. haha Anyway he wants the necklace that he gave me back in March which he proposed with BACK. Gasp! I was like No! It's mine. I really love it. Why would he want it back?.. I've waited all year so I can wear it for Christmastime so that he can ask for it back because it holds a special meaning to him?.. What about me?! Hmm. I guess I'll give it back. He says I will have to earn it back. But maybe I will just buy myself that Arwen one I've wanted for so long.

On Tuesday I was planning on going to see HelloGoodbye with Lorena. Even though I had blanked out and totally forgotten who they were. I was still excited. But then I had to be at my dorm for a meeting we had. They even gave us pizza (again!?) so we could discuss drama and cleanliness in the dorms haha. Weird.. So I guess we're not having room inspections after all. Oh well I've got nothing to hide!! Laura and I watched Mulan after the meeting and also watched as the upstairs chicks carried some couches up the stairs.

So on Wednesday I went to Costco and got myself two scandalous things. haha Twilight and the High School Musical 3 Soundtrack. Haven't started the book yet but the soundtrack has been in my head since then. My brother wont stop saying 'shut up and stop singing!" haha too bad.

Oh yeah.. So I was at Grocery Outlet a while back and I found a case of Godiva Belgian Blends Dark Chocolate Mocha coffee drink. I love Starcucks Mocha Frappuccinos and "Go-Diva" is pretty expensively delicious. So I bought them and they're very delicious. Although I do have to take a Lactaid pill before enjoying. Oh and since I dont have my beloved Mother's Circus Animals I'll have to live with Trader Joe's Star Shaped Dark Chocolate Cookies with sprinkles.

Anyway.. I hope that Saturday night I can get together with my Stardom trio Lorena and Maura and hopefully go ice skating. Yay! Well.. gotta see what's going on out in the visitor center. Little George is here.

<3 mj

Friday, November 21, 2008

Cherry Vanilla Creme

Just another day at work in the Marin Headlands..

It's pretty slow actually for a friday afternoon. Anyway I'm exited for tonight. Esperanza and I are going to see the Embarcadero lighting ceremony in San Francisco.. its the “Official Kick Off to the Holiday Season” haha so yay! Oh the ice rink will be opend too and like the high school musicalice tour is going to give a little preview. hah! yeah yeah hate me.

The weather is getting a bit chillier each day. Even though i'm drinking an ice cold hansen's cherry vanilla creme soda right now.. its still chilly outside. Therefore I shall be getting myself a nice cashmere sweater today. yay me! Oh yeah and I cant believe that thanksgiving is in a week! times flies.. No plans as of now but it should be good. Oh yeahh and I'm definitely hoping for a Disneyland peek for the christmas time. Its been year since i've actually been there.

So recently there's been this ongoing long message on facebook between us crazy iyel alums. I miss everyone and those totally random conversations about absolutely nothing and stabbing harsh words at eachother with love of course. haha. I wonder about the annual alumnight?.. hmm. Anyway..

Oh! In december, the park service peoples in fort mason are having two holiday parties! They'll include baking constests and such.. yay! Esperanza and I have our minds racing with amazing ideas that will most likely fail at the end.. haha wow not such a positive attitude is it?.. Well I hope to get into the Holiday spirits during thanksgiving.

Well gotta get back to doing something productive. Volunteer training binders! whoo hoo.. til nest time!

<3 mj

Thursday, November 20, 2008

So I decided to make a blog.

Interesting time in someone's life.. its like opening up your diary to the world. How embarrassing! haha anyway.. remember xanga? Ohh my that was fun. When the whole blogging craze began I was on Xanga contemplating on why he broke up with me?.. My discovery of Cherry Limeade.. and Complaining about sad rainy weather. haha anyway I hope this all new blogging experience makes many memories.

<3 mj

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