Sunday, December 14, 2008

Bubble Gum Dum Dums

So I've fallen into the world of Polyvore. Since I've been following FFM's beautiful creations i figured I can have a little fun too. :) Here's my most recent set I've put together. Esperanza and I visited the J. Crew at Westfield SF Centre on Friday and she loved the foil cardigan. She didn't buy it.. yet, I think haha but we both came upon the question, what would she wear with it?.. so here is one of my ideas.

Haley Foil Cardigan by mjMuffin

Not so bad I think and I can actually see her wearing this haha. Anyway if she does get it now she has one idea. I ended up buying the metallic tidepool foil belt for like 5 bucks after all my discounts and also a white sherpa lined puffer vest in white that I totally love. So much actually that it's my second, I bought it in Bright Rhubarb last week. haha Oh and I got my pair of matchstick cords in bright rhubarb too on thursday which I wore immediately. I felt so bright and highlighted haha! People were hella staring at me with a whahhh? face. Whatever.

This past week at work has been really different... No Laura :( and we have two new interns Georgia and Emily so theres more faces and more changes happening all the time. Oh and the dorms have been fun too. Some of us had a funny night on wednesday messing around with esperanza's piano and sitting next to our totally adorable christmas tree. I cant believe that there's only like eleven days til christmas.. yay!

So I've been well behaved with my Circus Animal Cookies. I've had only one bag so far. I cant go eating them uncontrollably! But they're still great. Esp and I bought circus animal cookie cutters at williams-sonoma and we found a recipe online so we're planning on making another disaster in the kitchen haha. Oh I went to Costco today and bought The Dark Knight I never saw it. So today I officially did and it was pretty strange. I didnt get most of it. Not to mention I dont recall the last batman movie.. somehow I always fall asleep thru it.. even when I saw it in theatres!! Oh well me and batman aren't meant for eachother. I've always loved Spiderman.

As for this post's sweet treat, I chose Dum Dums Bubble Gum flavor. I've put a little basket full of Dum Dum Lollipops at the front desk in the Visitor Center and somehow I always eat Bubble Gum or Cotton Candy Flavors only.. oh well. Anyways.. time for bed!

<3 mj


FabulousFloridaMommy said...
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FabulousFloridaMommy said...

I love your new profile pic...very cute! :) Have a Fabulous weekend!

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