Monday, April 13, 2009

Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake?..

Well I sure hope everyone in the entire world had a lovely Easter. 
I sure did. Simple and Sweet. ish.. Anyway the full seven hours I spent at Church all night long went by so fast and I didn't even nod my head or blink a sleepy eye. I was wide awake and actually listening and stuff.. interestingly I haven't even been to church in a long while.. most people were like woah you're back where've you been all this time?! anyway.. afterward around like 8am we went to Cafe Cozzolino for dinner- no not brekkie.. dinner- and I had the meat platter.. it was alright I mostly had bread and butter but I really liked the dessert which was a Chocolate Cappuccino Cheesecake slice thingy. So finally I got home around 11am and slept thru all of Easter Sunday and woke up at like 6pm haha what a day.. 

There is no possible way to excuse my huge gap of blog time... It really is SAD that I log on to Blogger like everyday only to check up on stuff and the blogs i follow and NOT post anythingthe entireness of 2009 and half of December!!! So really I am sorry- to of course whoever actually reads this literary crap haha!- for not keeping you up to date with me in this stalkerish blog. 

So on that note I belatedly wish you..
  • Merry Christmas. 
  • Happy New Year. 
  • Happy Chinese New Year. 
  • Happy Martin Luther King Jr Day. 
  • Happy Valentines Day. 
  • Happy Presidents Day. 
  • Happy Vernal Equinox. 
  • Happy St. Patricks Day. 
  • Happy Cesar Chavez Day. 
  • Happy April Fools Day. and finally..... 
  • Happy Easter. Phew!
Well then.. I promise from now on to be faithful to thee blog. haha! Okay so I cant catch you up with like everything thats happened but here's a small glimpse of how I go about life these crazy days... 

First off.. I've gained like at least twenty pounds. and no it's not that I eat loads of sugary sweets and stuff.. as inspired for this blog.. which I actually don't! I love all of that but no I don't base my whole life diet on that. All I ever eat is like special k, bagels, pasta, soy milk, soy ice cream, pupusas.. i dont know!? Anyway.. back to catching up.. I was a college drop out for a few months but now I'm lazily back in school but this time at City College of SF. Classes are going alrightish I guess but my schedule is insane so I've got to readjust my school mode in the fall and set things straight. 

Um.. I'm still working in the Marin Headlands as a Ranger but right now its just part time for two days until the summer comes along then I'll be full time again. I'm still driving Esperanza crazy with my weirdness but this time our friendship has become a trio as we've merged with our beloved Georgia and we make the self proclaimed Ranger Sistas haha sadly though.. Georgia will be leaving us in two weeks to go back to Sequoia NP to ranger on there. But its a perfect excuse for a small trip and to visit her there. 

Oh! Remember back in November when I bought those two scandalous things at Costco?.. my oh my.. Twilight the book and HSM3 the dvd. Well the movie I had already seen in theaters but the book.. in March I finally picked it up and began to read it. I don't know why I didn't begin to read it immediately.. it was like in a corner of my room like I was scared to open it haha but anyway the Twilight Dvd came out March twenty something and I was like wow I'd better read the real thing than jump to the famous movie and all ruining the book so yeah I managed to finish the book like five days before buying the dvd the day it came out. 

Let me just say.. Twilight has taken over my life. 

Just like millions of people all over the world have fallen in love with Edward and Bella and everything else involved, so have I. Oh and its another excuse for people to hate me. They think they're so cool they don't follow trends or whatever but if millions of people love Twilight it has to be good right? Of course Twilight is amazing. While I was reading it, I was totally captured by everything.. its weird like I would go to sleep at like 2 or 3 am reading it. I've tried that with Harry Potter the 6th and like I can never get past the 5th chapter.. but anyway.. as soon as i finished Twilight I was like omg! I have to see the movie and buy the next book.. now!! haha  anyway love love love the movie. yeah it was not the same as the book.. they never are.. but still. oh and Robert Pattinson.. i've loved since Harry Potter so whatever. I seriously hella cried when Cedric died in book and film lol. 

Now as another crazy fanatic I have to wait until November to see New Moon which I read in four days and I'm a slow reader!!!! Right now I'm almost done with the third book of the saga, Eclipse which is crazy... I'm scared for Breaking Dawn now because there's so many damn spoilers online and everywhere its driving me insane. OMG I told you it's taken over my life!! and this post too!! 

Well then.. I'm out of stuff to say.. so.. I'll continue reading Eclipse and find something to do today!!... besides wait for my Italian class tonight 6:00-9:00pm.. sigh.. so Ciao Ciao!


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