Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar

I finally finished Eclipse! It was great great.. but not as great as Breaking Dawn is going! I realized that hella people around me are getting into the Twilight Saga.. mwahaha! Like even yesterday I was walking to my Poli Sci class and these two professors walked past me and the girl one had New Moon in her hands and she was discussing it with the guy prof. It was kinda funny.. and I just half smiled and walked by with my Breaking Dawn lol. Anyway enough about my obsession now.. 

So tomorrow my brother and I are going down to LA to see my cousin for her Quince. She was at mine five years ago so now its our turn to pay her a visit. I'm pretty excited about it! I got a little black dress today to wear for the party. Oh and it'll be my first time flying Virgin America.. we'll see if its really as cool as they advertise haha. 

At work.. my friend Michael Super- yes thats his super cool real last name haha- is the new Point Bonita Intern so I get to chill with him at work two days week. But the crazy boy doesn't want to stay at the dorms and he's like barely spending his first night there today but I'm not there so oh well see you next week michael!! 

Omg the weather has been hella crazy these days. Total heat wave! Friday was beautiful and then all weekend that heat was WOW and even on Monday my car steering wheel would burn my hands! Only until today was San Francisco going back to normal and silly me didn't take a jacket.. but I was relieved once I stepped out of the carpool person's car to the warm summer Fairfield air. On the news the people were saying we're going through La Nina.. which is unevitably followed by El Nino.. great. Stupid Kids..

On Sunday I went to City College's performance of How To Succeed in Business Without Really Trying and even though I was heatfully late and totally didn't  have to pay entrance it was still amazing. I feel bad that I ever had low expectations. Now I have to write a paper on it.. boo! 

What else what else... oh about the snack of the day.. Cool Mint Chocolate Clif Bar! I was at the little food truck thingy at school during my break of Musical Awareness class and I had to make a relatively healthy snack.. so after like five minutes of staring at all the choices I got the clif bar and a banana which was $2.25 the exact amount of quarters I had in my pocket haha! so yeah it was really good. I guess. 

Oh! I got my new camera battery in the mail today! My previous one had lived out its totalness of rechargeable lives. So now my digital camera and I will be joyfully reunited for more thousands and thousands of picture taking that I missed so much. 

Anyway I'd better get some dinner and start packing for LA.. I'll post pics of the party if I can! 


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