Friday, November 21, 2008

Cherry Vanilla Creme

Just another day at work in the Marin Headlands..

It's pretty slow actually for a friday afternoon. Anyway I'm exited for tonight. Esperanza and I are going to see the Embarcadero lighting ceremony in San Francisco.. its the “Official Kick Off to the Holiday Season” haha so yay! Oh the ice rink will be opend too and like the high school musicalice tour is going to give a little preview. hah! yeah yeah hate me.

The weather is getting a bit chillier each day. Even though i'm drinking an ice cold hansen's cherry vanilla creme soda right now.. its still chilly outside. Therefore I shall be getting myself a nice cashmere sweater today. yay me! Oh yeah and I cant believe that thanksgiving is in a week! times flies.. No plans as of now but it should be good. Oh yeahh and I'm definitely hoping for a Disneyland peek for the christmas time. Its been year since i've actually been there.

So recently there's been this ongoing long message on facebook between us crazy iyel alums. I miss everyone and those totally random conversations about absolutely nothing and stabbing harsh words at eachother with love of course. haha. I wonder about the annual alumnight?.. hmm. Anyway..

Oh! In december, the park service peoples in fort mason are having two holiday parties! They'll include baking constests and such.. yay! Esperanza and I have our minds racing with amazing ideas that will most likely fail at the end.. haha wow not such a positive attitude is it?.. Well I hope to get into the Holiday spirits during thanksgiving.

Well gotta get back to doing something productive. Volunteer training binders! whoo hoo.. til nest time!

<3 mj

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