Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Dress hunting for Easter

So as I previously said.. Easter is one of two special occasions in which my family really invests in buying new clothes, the other is Christmas. Of course we still buy stuff the rest of the year but mostly we thrift for outfits or only buy new if it is absolutely necessary.. and cheap! So this year, the Easter dress hunting came around once again. Every Easter is a very special celebration which calls for fancier than already nice churchy clothes.. but more on church later.

So on Thursday I bought my brother his new suit. Then after being almost broke on Friday, I swooped by Buffalo Exchange just to browse their dresses even though I knew I wanted to buy a new dress. Anyway all their church safe outfits were size not me, but they had a nice collection of casual and summer dresses. Maybe some were my size.. but whatever. Anyway I found this dress which screams springtime, that is if you want to go frolic in a prairie with the bunnies.

I left right after trying it on and feeling embarrassed in front of myself. So.. Saturday my whole family went to Vacaville to shop for the pascual clothes. We went to Ross first, even though I didn't want to go since most of their dresses are not my style and the chance that someone else at church will wear the same dress is extremely high. Anyway I had fun trying one some dresses.

My mom really liked how this ruffley one looked and slimmed me but I wasn't too fond of the ruffles, so it stayed awaiting another owner.

I liked this Jones New York coral spring dress especially for its sleeves. Most dresses don't have those nowadays. But this dress was a strange wrap around thingy and the color wasn't what I had in mind for Easter.

This lavender dress is also Jones New York and very similar to the coral one, minus the wrapping around and sleeves. I actually bought this one since I liked the color, it was cheap, and again my mom insisted I get it. Maybe I can add sleeves later and pin the v neck a bit higher.

Now this was a joke. I loved the skirt by itself but it was just too long and super high waisted, like beyond the waist and it came as a 2 piece set with the blazer which I guess would be alright with a pair of jeans to tone it down.. BUT I quit jeans remember?

Oh yeah and I was a total fashion repeater and wore the same outfit I wore for Thursday, on Saturday haha. Anyway we moved on to Marshalls since I always see their weird commercials and all after Wheel of Fortune or whatever and what do you know? As I walked in, my mom was standing next to this dress and smiling at me knowing I would love it. & of course I loved it and the hunt was over. Pretty quick too. I didn't even have to make my way to the outlets or the stupid mall!

This Evan Picone dress was just what I really wanted for an Easter dress! I wanted a boat neck type dress or something at least with no low cut chest area. I wanted a dress that didn't have straps or at least one with straps larger than an inch. I wanted a floral design without it being too woah hey there I'm a crazy overgrown garden or prairie like just like the first dress. I wanted a full skirt. I wanted a slimming waist. So after all of these picky dress ideas I can't believe I actually found a dress. Oh yeah and it was way below $100.

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