Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pumpkin Spice Mocha Frappuccino

So lately I've been driving the local Starbucks baristas insane with my not so odd but off the menu request: a grande Mocha frappuccino with Pumpkin Spice and NO whipped cream. Per favore? Anyway it has only been done perfectly twice.. but it's still so delicious. The other day the totally annoyed drive thru dude was like 'uhhhh NO. You said LATTE.." but I'm lactarded and don't even have the word latte in my dictionary. Oh well.. I was at Starbucks on Tuesday morning and everything has been christmasified out! So that means... Peppermint Mocha Frappuccino again! yay!

So what has been keeping me so busy I can't post to my invisible audience anymore? hmm? Trying to get smart that is. I bet you've seen the commercials and are totally gonna hate me but I am a Phoenix. I attend University of Phoenix and I'm getting all of my education online! How perfect! So although I'm glued to my laptop all the time, I am using my digital time for education and less on Twilight stalking, photo editing and blogging. So be patient! I'm actually doing very well in my classes, like 98.57% well. I'm so proud of myself. Who knew I'd finally be a good student once my classes were online as I sit on my couch wrapped in a blanket?, in my work office or.. in the kitchen sitting on top of the counter? haha

So on Monday.. I spent two hours of my life stalking my obsession of course. I was streaming the New Moon Premiere live and watching the screaming fans freaking out as Rob, Kristen, Taylor and company passed. I guess that will make up for the sad fact that I will not be able to watch New Moon on tomorrow or I guess tonight?.. Whatever.. as soon as it comes out because I will be well behaved doing homework in my isolated headlands. So my screaming insides will have to wait until Sunday to unleash... and my family will embarrassingly have to witness it. haha!

So.. I don't watch much telly but when I do it's usually for the Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien, Ugly Betty, and whatever I decide to record on my dvr at home home. But recently Esperanza and I have not been able to sit down at the real tv to watch but rather taken over our auxiliary kitchen/internet cafe/theater to search recipes, do homework and watch Ugly Betty on hulu. Although, last night Ron called me over to the telly yelling "Hey Maria! Twilight guy is on Letterman!" So I don't actually like Letterman because.. I don't know, he's not Conan? But duhhh I went over to see Rob and giggle about him biting some guy at the premiere.

Today was a very dull to the max day.. I was at the visitor center front desk reading New Moon again while eating cereal because nobody comes to visit us anymore! So sad.. You can tell it's still dull to the max because I am still at work, by myself.. blogging. duh. Maybe it's just that everyone in the world, like the people in one of my classes, aren't in touch with their naturalistic intelligence. They don't like or care for nature and therefore stay in their heated lazy homes.. whatever.

Oh! Happy Late Birthday to my Dad!- Nov 18th.. & Happy Birthday to Andrea, Victor and Sammy! Anyway before the darkness crawls upon me once again, I shall walk through the icy air and trails home.. Goodnight world and enjoy New Moon! gaaaahhhhh!!.. btw the moon was a gorgeous crescent last night sitting over the beach after the sun set.

<3 Mj

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