Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Ben & Jerry's Chocolate Fudge Brownie

So.. yes I have been long long long time back from our superlicious roadtrip/pilgrimage to Forks.. haha which was totally not completely Twi-related.. hahaha but let me just say... WOW. Lots and lots of fun adventures! I wish I could even get started on talking about it but I might not be able to post that right now because its just too much so me just bore you with my current and totally amazing life at the Marin Headlands......lameosaurus!!

sooooo... I've been a full time power ranger for about three.. two weeks now.. and its actually not as bad as I feared it to be! Everything has been quite swell so far and minimal drama.. We even have two new interns for the lighthouse and the nike site. There's Joe from NY who's the new Georgia/Nike Missile Site intern.. who'm I shall now refer to as the super cool guitar guy who was just playing my guitar and embarrasing my lamespice 'skills' hahaha and then there's Keith the Point Bonita Lighthouse guy who's from Florida but has apparently been living all over the country the past few years which is pretty cool.. I don't actually have a nickname for him yet but I'm sure I will soon.. Uhmmm... yeahhhh I think this summer might just be a tad superlicious as well...

Esperanza and I will be leading some awesome Campfire programs this summer! She just had one this Saturday and I think it was pretty awesome but it sucked for me because I had to go help out this totally unfortunate camper who was unfortunately arrested and sent to the San Rafael city JAIL for the day all because of a stupid confusion triggered by his son running a stop sign while on a bicycle... yeah very stupidly complicated! So I tried to help the guy and his son out and went to the Law Enforcement office and waited an hour or so for one of their Rangers to give the guy his bike and gear back.. which made me miss Esp's program and be working until like 8pm when I was off at 5:30!! so yeahhh but ehhh I'm excited for the Campfires to come!!

[June 25th 2009.. thurs] OKAYS... So I never finished the post I was writing as I was 'practicing' my guitar.. so yeah I'm back over a week later to finish up! hahaha great now I gotta try and remember everything else thats happened.. well.. i really dont know.. uhmmm.. happy summer solstice.. uh yeah its summertimelime and i love how I woke up to drizzly FOG this morning.. and two days ago I was about to sweat at Muir Woods.. muir freakin redwood forest woods! yes.. crazyness.
So.. knowing how I can never go to bed early.. I stayed up watching some movie about Chateau Montelena in Napa Valley.. with Chris Pine.. and Snape.. hahaha Bottle Shock and it was pretty good... makes me want to hurry up and be 21 finally.. goshhh 20 is taking tooooo long! 45 days is a LONG time!!!!!!!!!! Anyway.. today the lovely foggy day it was went by kinda fast... and yet i'm still here at work on the compy typing this.. I should go homey home now.. and totally plan for tomorrows Campfire Program!!! eeek!! This time I promise I wont talk to arrested campers.. that is all.

P.S. I love you Esp! I horrifically terribly you can feed me to the coyotes or owls and then disect the pellets bad sorry!

Love, MJ

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