Saturday, May 23, 2009

Torta di Cioccolato

Eeeek!! Okays so lots has gone on and I don't even know what to write about hence the lateness of this post.. uhmmm... today I will be packing up my bags for my Road Trip Adventure #2 with Esp which will begin tomorrow.. ?!!!$%#(*^%#@^*^*(@#!!#+$$%?? ? no that was not a bad word. Just that I didn't know how to spell my inner girl squeal hahaha 

So I'm done with school. I loved my Italian class finale haha I hope I did okays on the exam but afterwards we had a little partito dopo l'esame... potluck. So peoples brought delicious treats like chocolate cake [torta di cioccolato] cookies [biscotti] bravo's pizza.. bread and cheese [pane e formaggio] melon wrapped in prosciutto.. which was actually really good. && I made some pasta which I was a little upset about because after the hour drive to school I had the pot wrapped in foil and towels to keep it warm supposedly but it was of course cool by then and the sauce had kinda dried out but ehh I think it was okay and slightly enjoyable haha I've made better.

I'm not sick anymore!! After like almost forever and a half of random pains, horrid headaches,  eye infections.. supposed deadly flu.. and lots of NyQuil DayQuil Hurry-Up-&-HealQuil.. I can hopefully say I am cured. for now. I hope. but anyway now I'm like super paranoid about everything. I cant touch my eyes, I was my hands a lot, I hold my breath to not breathe in germs of peoples around me hahaha, uhhh I carry all my medicines I might possibly need like the Quils, Pepto, Excedrin, Midol, Lactaid, etc. So if you're in need of a little aid I might have the help haha.

Oh I've been playing around with my makeup lately.. sometimes it turns out okay and other times its super hello!! extreme and then there's the ewww I look gross kind and finally the I actually love this look. I got ByLaurenLuke 's My Luscious Greens kit and I love it. My family and peoples have claimed it to be a bit too much but I love wearing it with my uniform haha!

 Its just so bright and vibrant it makes me look happy rather than- omg there's nothing to do I'm so bored and why the hell is it hella foggy- the way I really feel haha. Oh and I have like a buhjillion nail polishes too! Here's a sample of some of my collection with very similar colors haha! 

On Wednesday I had a little flashback day. I hung out with my high school friend Jasmine which I hadn't seen since like October 2007ish.. I spent a few hours with her just catching up and talking about randomness and I even saw a few more peoples who went to my high school.. 
like I always say.. Fairfield is the land where peoples get stuck there doing the same thing over and over. Nothing and no one ever really changes. Well thats my view. Because after high school some people are still doing the same thing its like they're frozen in Toys R Us state where they dont wanna grow up. Well enough on that.. Afterwards I went to my high school for the Music Concert. I saw my old choir muffin, Amanda which I hadn't seen since Graduation!! 

Well gahh! I gotta go and finish getting my stuffs ready!  Be back later laters!! 
I actually forgot to post this before leaving but here it is! Working on the Trip post right now!

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