Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Berry Berry Kix!

Monday. Sighhh... I woke up yesterday morning with a full on cold.. or flu. whatever you call it! but yeahhh I had a sore throat on Saturday and Sunday but I just thought it was because of my horrible singing in my car.. but yeahhh now, Tuesday and I'm still all ugly voiced.. cougholofugus.. ??.. and ew yeah. No more gross deets. haha At least I have reunited with my long lost fave cereal Berry Berry Kix which I found at Grocery Outlet.. gee i love that store!! What a lovely breakfast huh?.. hahaha

Hope everyone had a lovely Mother's Day! Mine was pretty good. The fam and I went shopping at the Outlets then we hopped over to BJ's to eat but hell no it was over and hour wait so we went across the parking lot to TGI Fridays.. I had never been there but it was really good! Even though my mom was saying that she heard someone had a snake head in their meal at Fridays somewhere in NY but whatever. The Jack Daniels whatever sauce with the shrimp and meat yum yum. Thennn our full fatty selves scurried over to Coldstone for like a 25 minute wait for yummy ice cream that miraculously for the first time didn't affect my lactose intolerance.. hmm. But overall Mother's Day + Mother's Cookies was a great-tastic day. 

So anyway I haven't been reading my Breaking Dawn all weekend.. gasp! hahaha i dont know why but somehow I forgot it. && During my boring dull moments in life I felt strange not having it with me to catch up! Well I did pick it up again today. I'm at the part where Charlie goes to the Cullen House. Thats all I'm sayin.. hahahaha But yeahhh this is me trying to pretend to read.. hence the crooked eyes.. or maybe just pink eye side effects!! 

Anyway. [I say that a lot!!] Today has been a pleasantly warm day. I've been coughin up a storm everywhere but at least its not cold and windy like san francisco was last night when I got out of class.. So today I went to the Doctor with my Grandma and Aunt for my Grandma's Check ups and like at the front desk they said that if I had flu symptoms to please wear a mask. So of course I'm sick.. I had to wear a mask! Hideous and embarrassing. Here's me still wearing the mask later when I went to pick up my brother at school. It was funny to see the reactions of high school passer by peoples.. haha! 

Well off to another cold and windy adventure in sf. Well not really just Government class.. errrgggg!! Just one more week and its all over!! Summertime!! Hopefully I have another exciting story to tell.. 

Love, MJ

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Lauren said...

I didn't know they made Berry Berry Kix! I want to try. Ok...you are the cutest blogger. I loved reading this post :)

Umm...Animal cookies are bomb. I want some :(

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