Tuesday, February 15, 2011

So yesterday was Valentine's Day...

&&& it was just another muffin day. Why just have one day to share the love? True love is everyday. Sans hallmark cards, pricey flowers and chocolates. Although I wouldn't mind some of that stuff haha. But February the Fourteenth was just that. Just another day I guess. I had school most of the day and it sucked because after like two weeks straight of beautiful rare weather, the rain and gloom came along.

It was so lame, everyone on campus was wearing dark colors, ducking their heads and running from the rain. I figured, since I don't have a Valentine, might as well dress like one. So I went all out and wore ALL PINK. Hot pink. Yup. Not so hard since I have a lot of my favorite color. So I walked around all day wearing a hot pink skirt, hot pink pleather jacket, pink cardigan, hot pink umbrella, hot pink tote bag to hide my hot pink school accessories, books and purse, but I kind of toned it downish with a grey button up, silver shoes and a silver belt. Oh and I also gave myself a pink and glitterful vday manicure posed here with my yummy cherry.
I could feel the eyes pointing my way especially waiting at the crosswalk. I had to fight the urge to ask a stranger to take my picture standing out in the crowd. It would have been an awesome picture of hot pink me, holding my umbrella and all in the rainy day and dark colored clothing people as a background.. but I decided risking the stranger running away with my camera was too much and awkward.  So here's a little awkward photoshoot I had my brother do for me at the end of the day.
ha. ha. Caught me coming out of the closet. Sorry, bad joke. Anyway I love my pleather jacket. Always gains compliments even from a chick at a Jamba Juice wearing all black. Oh yeah there was this one random dude who was staring at me as I walked with my bestie friend Mayra who said very happily, "Wow, you're the first one I see wearing red!" I replied with an awkward giggle followed by "yeah, haha thanks.." then turned to Mayra.. and we both asked "red?" haha

This is the rest of the outfit. Plus awkward teeny girl poses. These were the only good-ish pictures that resulted from my brother's obligated-let-me-go-back-to-playing-PS3-photoshoot. Well I felt straight out of Legally Blonde, sans the blonde, law school, guy, Reese Witherspoon, chihuahua and etc.. parts. Oh btw, it's weird that my legs look sa tan in these pic when really they're pale and even paler with my nylons. Stupid flash. 
I can't even make a heart with my fingers. Or my excuse will be that it was perfect but my brother didn't catch it in time.. yeah.. I love how mirror like my pumps look. Anyway... to make the day even more lame when I finally was in class with Mayra, the only class I have with her, and the only class she goes to school for on Mondays and Wednesdays, my teacher thought it would be nice to let us off two minutes after class started so we could "exercise cardiovascular health by taking a walk, exercising, going up and down the stairs, playing basketball, etc.." aka. Class cancelled. 

Mayra was wide eyed and are you serious and all because she rushed to class that ended up cancelled but I told her hey now you're just hanging out with me, in a class room, having Twilight themed valentine sweethearts. So once everyone was gone and we had no intention of heading out to the rain again we just stayed in there looking at the rain out the wall of windows while having lunch, catching up and listening to the ipod.
So the day ended with more class, more rain, more stares "Omg you're so pink" compliments from people and munching on some more weird Twilight quoted Edward Sweethearts with pink pajamas. So, this ordinary day I guess was a little bit unordinary. I wish I could wear this outfit everyday haha! Well til next Valentines day, I will continue my normal weirdness and hey, maybe I'll find a Valentine by then!


ashley in wonderland said...

oh my gosh! i love it!!! what a great outfit, way to make the best of VDAY!

mj said...

ha ha. red? love your skirt with cardigan. so cute.

Lula said...

Love that skirt! You look too cute :)

Jenny said...

LOVE the glitter nails! So cute. And hey thank you for telling me about the For Audrey China Glaze turquoise. I looked it up and I love it! I'm gonna try to find it, that is the closest to the turquoise that I want.
Have a good week!

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